Duke's Boneyard Blog: Bad Attitude

I told you I suspect Sydney is a covert spy.   That’s what most managers think when they cannot seem to connect with their employees.  Sydney provided good work for me in the past.  Then our herd got too big to manage with just the two of us.  We even had some human downsizing.  The longer skinny humans went to some kind of training called college… I don’t think they survived, I haven’t seen one of them in a couple of years.  I’m told that’s what happens with humans.  They come back fatter and bring their offspring.  We shall see.

Anyway, I had to hire Jax to replace the skinny humans.  At that point I took some of the responsibilities away from Sydney.  I could tell she didn’t like giving them up.  There was also some animosity between her and Jax.  I don’t think Jax knows it tho.

What happened to the day of just show up and do your job and be happy with the treat that is given to you in return?  I think those dog days are gone.  I think back to my first manager, Earl.  He never invested in me.  When I was hired at my first farm, he told me what to do and expected it to be done.  If I had disengaged, I would never have been promoted to my own farm.  Earl and I had our battles for sure.  But I knew I had to learn skills to be noticed, and I knew he was the dog for the job.  It seems that’s not the same anymore.  So I don’t have a good mentor to lean on.  I have to make this up as I go.  I wonder how many other managers feel this way.

So I am left with motivating Sydney and getting her back to her usual self, away from the life of crime I suspect she is dabbling in.  I need to rebuild trust in her again.  I am uncertain what to do?  Suggestions?

We have a new leader in the Ministry of Feline Overlords, Fluffy.  I thought about reaching out to him, but I quickly realized his department in worse shape than mine.  His staff seldom shows up for work.  But what could they possibly contribute??  I think Fluffy is neurotic.  I think he thinks I work for him.  I’m not impressed. 

This is my new strategy with Sydney

1.      Give her more responsibility

2.      Ask her to train Jax

3.      Give her more feedback, no guarantee it will all be positive.  I’m not soft pawing the message.

4.      Insist on Sydney joining me and Jax on our security patrol

5.      Give her guidance

6.      Above all…. Listen to her



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