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So I hear that the younger generation likes many jobs and likes to moonlight. I have noticed this with Jax. I’m pretty happy with finding a great farm to manage and put all my energies there. But I have noticed Jax likes to network. At night he leaves through the small hole in the kennel. He’s got friends in the neighboring coyote gang. I am not certain Jax understands they are not a work group…..
Anyway, I do alert my humans every night by following Jax and deploying straight to the human window. I probably spend close to 15 minutes alerting them. I don’t think my humans appreciate it as they frown at me and say hateful things. I don’t think they mean it, as they look almost zombie like at that point. They don’t know what they are saying.
Regardless I have to keep an eye on my employees. I’ve visited with Jax about his need to run with the underbelly of the canine world. He seems to think they have decent career pathing. He did say, that although the rewards and recognition from the coyote gang was good, he didn’t feel there was job security. Plus the humans didn’t seem to appreciate their efforts. Thank goodness some degree of prudence has entered his head.
So what I’ve learned from this is that younger generation appreciates the rewards and recognition programs to the point of sacrificing solid company reputations. We can’t lean on our morals anymore. We have to constantly be recreating our brand and reputations. We need to show these pups the exciting world of work. And guide them when they run with the wrong crowds.
Now that is all good and fine with Jax. We’ve both decided Sydney is a covert spy. Certain she has contacts overseas. She just glares at us all day. When we perform our cattle patrol, we have found her sneaking through the trees watching us…. More on that later. -- Duke


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