Duke's Boneyard Blog: Thank a Farmer

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This week was Thank a Farmer week… I think that a good thing. I work for cattle farmer. Did you know American farmers feed more than 155 people every day? That’s a pretty daunting task, even in my book. I’m not certain humans appreciate the farmer efforts.
We farmers do work hard. I am dreading the winter. I know my human and I have to check cows more often and it is bitter cold. He doesn’t seem to care if I feel good or not. It has to be done. I have trained him to take the Ranger more often, and I ride just to keep him company. 
In the summer my human spends a lot of time on the tractors knocking tall grass down and taking it to the barns. It is so hot. I keep guard at the gate in case he needs me. I have to chase small critters away so my human doesn’t have to be bothered.
In fact, just this week, one of the younger cows died in calving. It was sad. Her heifer lived. The wooly human spent hours cleaning her up and getting her to drink. She didn’t appreciate at first and got scared. I tried to comfort her but she doesn’t know how to speak dog just let. Our lessons start tomorrow.
I know we all work hard. But my human farmers seem to work as hard as I do. I would like to Thank a Farmer.


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