Why Legacy? Step 3

Legacy Statement

Legacy Statement

So by now you have decided why legacy is important to you.

You should also have decided what elements build your passion.

Step 3.  Now the hard work begins.  Craft your legacy statement.

I have had people recently who tell me don't worry about your legacy.  Just enjoy today.  That's like telling someone, "don't worry about gaining weight, just enjoy the chocolate."  There are consequences to neglecting certain aspects of your life.  When you neglect crafting the legacy and living a life that is created by legacy focus, you leave a weak legacy.

I knew a president of a business unit in a larger company.  He believed in company values.  Until they hurt.  He turned a blind eye to his senior staff engaged in destructive behaviors.  When confronted with his lack of focus, he would break ties with those who confronted him.  His ego got the better of him.  Those actions cost that company market share, talent and reputation.  There are consequences.

So what are your consequences to not living towards your legacy?  You can get derailed and make hasty decisions.  You could ignore opportunities because life is busy.  You could start to exist instead of live.

A legacy statement can look like this…..

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