Why Legacy? Step 2

Continuing our thoughts around legacy and the steps to building an effective legacy strategy.

Step 2.  Discover your passion.  You hear this stated all the time.  "Live your passion."  Am I the only person who struggled knowing what my passion is?  I hope not.  But I'm not known for my perceptive abilities.  I think what led me to understanding that I am passionate about community, I am passionate about supporting others, I am passionate about educating people around agriculture.  I discovered that by doing an audit of my time.  When I looked back over the last 12 months, I tried to record where I spent my free time.  That included what I read, books, blogs.  That included the civic groups I supported.  That included where I donated money.

All of these elements helped me to realize I was subconsciously writing my passion and didn't know it.

When you write down the elements of your passion, does it feel good?  For those of you who are a tad more on the realistic, logical side, and don't understand the statement "feel good," ask someone who knows you.  Ask them if that fits you.  Get another perspective.

Why Legacy? Step 3

Why Legacy?