Duke's Boneyard Blog - I hate cats!

Cats.  I’m surrounded by cats.  I don’t know the purpose of cats.   I work hard every day.  I help my human bring cows into the piped field.  I chase deer off of my human’s yard.  He must hate them as sometimes he aims a gun at them.  I alert my humans of cars and trucks.  My humans like this as they praise me by saying Shhh…..  Definitely important as they don’t say that to Jax or Sydney.  If a new human comes to my house I introduce myself to them and make certain they understand I am watching them.  One bad move and I’ll have to ask them to leave.  You see, I’m in charge of security.  My humans are too trusting.

But cats.  What purpose do they provide?  They have no work ethic.  They can’t chase cows.  They don’t care about the new humans that come to the door.  I do get confused as my humans provide food for them.  I disagree.  Let them find it on their own.

There are essentially three types of cats I have discovered.  There are the super excited chatty kind.  That cat seems to think everyone is their friend and they want to be in the middle of everything.  My advice for that kind of cat is to know your audience.  Not all of us care what you think.

The second type of cat is lazy.  They just wander from one location to the other and provide nothing usable.  My advice for that cat is find a purpose and invest themselves in that purpose.  Be known for something.

The third type of cat is pissed off all the time.  They walk around with an attitude.  Mad at the world.  I suspect because they are best friends with chatty cat.  They just need peace and quiet.  My advice, find a happy place.

I don’t like cats.

Sometimes I wonder if humans are like cats.

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