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Delegation - through a few trials and tribulation I've learned to foster and appreciate it. It lets me put my energy where it matters most. Ya see, when my humans brought Jax home for me to manage, I wasn't certain I could teach him a thing. 

He was young and dumb.  He whined all the time.  I’m not his momma.  Grow up.  I had to tell him that often.  I was stern.  I don’t think my humans understood my management style.  My humans actually had counseling sessions with me, I think they even developed an action plan for me. 

So I realized I had to approach Jax a little different than my mentor, Tank.  So I tried it.  Sorta.

I am responsible for bringing the cows into the piped yard.  My human likes me to do that every few weeks.   It’s hard work, because I don’t speak cow.  For some reason they don’t like the piped yard.  I don’t care, it’s my job.

For a long time it was just me and my human bringing cows into piped yard.  My human thought he knew what he was doing, but I had to come behind him and monitor the results.

As more cows came to my farm, I started to realize it took longer to get the same results. 

Now I have Jax’s help. 

I had to teach him the cow sneaky tricks.  Sometimes the older cows act like they are going to cooperate.  It’s a rouse.  You can’t trust cows, just look into their eyes.  One of my humans wrote about untrustworthy cows.  Read her book.  They just wait on you to let down your guard, which I have not done since a pup myself, and they run.  It’s hard work chasing cows.  I found that Jax can do that and still be able to bark.  So I have decided to delegate all running after cow to him.  That lets me keep an eye on the herd.  It works for us.

So why would anyone have a problem with delegating???  Celebrate and educate the pups. 

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