Duke's Boneyard Blog: 4 Best Tips....

Sorry to have taken some time off.  My humans were busy during the holidays, which meant I had to pick up the slack.  Then, sadly, Sydney was mugged by coyotes.  She is still recovering.  But recovering well.  Which means Jax and I had to pick up the slack.  Being a good boss means when my team is hurt, paws on the ground.  Time to go to work.  I’m fine pulling some double duty because Sydney such a good employee. 


With that being said, I will leave you with my top 4 tid bits of advice for 2018:


1.      Trust is the single most valuable element a boss, co-worker, customer can give. Guard it, keep it, live it.   With that being said, never trust anything that requires a litter box.

2.      Never fight a cat, 9 vs. 1.  Feline Overlords… Nuff said

3.      Make sure you are not chasing tail, yours or anyone else’s

4.      Take time to play with the frisbee, unless there is a squirrel nearby.  Always chase a squirrel.