Legacy Leaders


The Case for Legacy

Legacy. Have you ever thought about the purpose of life? Have you ever wondered why am I here? Is my life one of just competing in the world of business and winning? After I’m done fighting for profit, margin, sales, the paycheck etc. what's next? If I die tomorrow will anyone outside of my family care? These thoughts enter my head often. I’ve studied leadership for more than 20 years. I have been exposed and trained in some of the best philosophies of the twenty first century. I have learned and implemented: Management by Objectives, Lean Manufacturing, Emotional Intelligence, Achieve Global, Birkman and so many more. Each of these disciplines have such power and greatness to them, I am mesmerized at the sheer usefulness of the tools. But the questions keep coming back. They answer the “How To” of the leadership equation. But I am asking the “Want To.” What makes us Want To be a good or even great leader. The answer I have concluded, in my feeble mind, is legacy.



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Identify Your Legacy Vision

Take time learning the significance of leading towards a daily legacy. Write your own vision. Identify your barriors. Identify how you expect your legacy to become a powerful tool for you.

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The Big Stuff

Yes, there are several key aspects to living a life towards legacy. Doesn't matter if it's a profession in the civic arena, the industry side, or a self owned success. These concepts center around: Ethics, Compassion, Empathy, Trust and Stability. I know. You have heard all of this before. But not in the context of living a legacy that inspires others to imitate.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams

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Time For Action

You leave these sessions with a daily Legacy vision. You will be given the responsibility and tools to inspire others through true Inspirational Messaging tools. These sessions end with your beginning.